iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode

If you had received message from iTunes like this,

“iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode. you must restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes” ,

you musn’t click restore button. If you did it, then iTunes will do a complete re-sync.

It just only because your operating system detected iPod and put it with drive letter that have been used before. iPod seems to take a drive letter closest to your fixed volumes. For an example, my hard disk drive letter are C, D, and E. I have network drive that assign to letter F. When I plug iPod, automatically, my computer assign drive F to iPod and then i open iTunes, it telling me that “iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode”

So the solution is change the drive letter from

Start |  Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management

or just

Start | Run | compmgmt.msc

or right click My Computer then choose Manage…

then click Disk Management and change the iPod drive letter to another letter that not used by other devices or network drives; change drive letter to another available letter, (G, H, I, J, ….Z).



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  1. thanks a lot .. this worked

  2. Awesome – thanks so much for the tip! this worked like a charm.

  3. THANK YOU!!! i was seriously bummed out and thought my ipod was broken. this worked. you are awesome!!!!

  4. worked perfectly : )

  5. awesome man!
    it really works!!
    thank you very mcuh

  6. Thanks, great advice! Just saved me a headache 😀

  7. Thanks, This method also worked for me too.

  8. Thank you so much! 🙂

  9. Perfect. Appreciate this helpful post. Great advice.

  10. this described the problem im having perfectly but it didnt work! that message just keeps coming up! should i change it to different letters or get it fixed at an apple shop? HELP

  11. change ipod drive letter will restore your ipod to normal condition so you can manage it with iTunes.

  12. wait, how exactly do i change the drive letter?

  13. to change the drive letter,

    Right click My Computer | Manage…
    It will show you “Computer Management”, then click “Disk Management”.

    If you see you iPod drive, right click on it then choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths…” then change and assign it with new drive letter that available.

  14. i did all that though and it still didnt work?

  15. ok, Lisa, try this, plug your iPod to another computer.
    But check what drive letter that already in use, then when you plug it, check what drive letter that show up. Keep telling me what happens ^_^

  16. Hi, I could use a bit of help.. I updated my itunes to 7.7.1 (<==3). This version is utter GARBAGE. I have 11 gbs worth of mp3s that i spent many many hours downloading. After connecting my ipod to this new itunes version and disconnecting, it’s been in recovery mode and itunes says to click “restore”!

    BS!!! the previous version of itunes worked fine! I don’t have any of my mp3 files on my computer anymore and manually manage my music on my ipod. I also use floola and other 3rd party software to move music freely in and out of my ipod. (ipod photo 60GB 4G). Help!!! I don’t want to restore my ipod and wipe out all my music.

    I tried changing the drive letter for it, but still its still in recovery mode whenever i connect it to my pc! I think itunes detected i used some 3rd party software and now it wants to reformat my ipod! Help!

  17. Make sure that your 3rd party software not run while you use itunes.

    Can you try to connect to another pc that only install with itunes, what result if you do that?

    I use itunes 7.6, i will update my itunes to 7.7 first so i can try to see what happend next to my ipod ^_^

  18. Hi i tried to change the drive but when i connect it to the computer, it still say its in recovery mode. Also the screen on my ipod says connect to your computer. Use itunes to restore. What should i do?

  19. im really sad
    I dont know what to do
    I did what it said
    and still didnt work
    help me please!

  20. hi,

    when i click on disc management it doesnt give me an icon that says ipod.

    what do i do?

  21. on disc management, there is no ipod icon.
    i mean change the drive letter that assign to your iPod,

    for an example, my hard disk drive letter are C, D, and E.

    my network drive letter are F, when i plug my iPod, the computer automatically assign drive F to iPod and then i open iTunes, it telling me that “iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode”

    so i open disc management, right click on drive F then change drive letter to another available letter, (G, H, I, J, ….Z)


    • my 80gb ipod displays a blank screen with the apple logo & when I connect it to computer itunes report that it has detected ipod in recovery do I bring it back

  22. Ok so is the recovery mode a hard drive issue or would it be the motherboard, and then do you know anything about the dreaded white screen of death. I have tried resetting, restoring, nothing seems to work I continued to reset and it came up normal but within 10 minutes it was back to totally white. Any help??


  23. Thank you so much!! I looked everywhere for a way to not have to delete all my songs and start over when my computer was not allowing me to save my files from my iPod and this was it!! Thanks again

  24. hey man i got an ipod mini 1g……….. that stuff u said about drive ltter doesnt work for me………. restored 42 times and doesnt work………..plz……………. i want my ipod back

  25. heyy this is hot love it it wolk thanx for the help

  26. hi, my problem is a little bit different. I’ve recently restored my computer completely so the only safe place I have/had my music was on my ipod. I’ve turned my ipod on today and it says its in recovery mode 😐 and I’ve never had this problem before. Is there any way of getting the songs off the ipod before I have to completely restore it? Thanks for any help

  27. ok heres wuts wrong with my ipod ok wen i turn it on all it says is to “restore ipod with itunes” so i do. But evry time i restor keeps coming back with ipod in recovory mode must i tried changing its name but it still come with the same stuff..idont know wut to do its a 4g ipod and its been like this since november now and im still trying to fix it..does any body out there know wut to do?

  28. ugh. i restored my ipod to a backup one and it told me to restore it again so i did to new and its still saying its found it in recovery mode and to restore :l and its getting annoying can anyone help me please? and i cant find it in my disk management and i only have 1 disk (C:) or w.e and the dvd one and i cant change it or w.e so can anyone help me out alil?

    • Oh and i only have one computer so D:

  29. Help!!
    My Ipod did the same thing… going into recovery mode randomly… and i wanna try disk management but my computer doesn’t even recognise it for me to change the drive paths… any ideas?

  30. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  31. sometimes changing the disk drive may not work….apple suggest to put ipod on disk mode then restore…..but a problem arises where it freezes on that particular screen although you may be able to upload songs etc.

  32. My computer doesn’t detect my Ipod , Why? my older brother has an iPod too. When he plugs the Ipod the message doesnt appear but to mine it does… HELP. I use windows vista. and the iPod im using is an Ipod Touch (iTouch).I sort of tried jailbreaking it then it told me to restore.I did and it was fine.. The next day i woke up (today) The message popped out.I restored it 2 times already and i still get the same message.HELP!! please help me Asap.

  33. BTW, there is a charge sign and an arrow pointing to itunes. Itunes recognizes my iPod touch but Windows can’t.

  34. thank you so much pandazen! the instructions you gave worked perfectly. I just don’t know why other people can’t seem to get it. Anyway, you’re great! 🙂

  35. hey! hi pandazen…
    it still doesnt work..and the main problem is that i already restored my ipod 😦 what do i do now?

  36. hey pandazen well i have a problem. my ipod says that is in recovery mode and i need to restored it. i tryed restoring it thru itunes and manually and the same thing keeps popping out. i also tryd changing the letter and restarting my computer. nothing works. HELP PLEASE!

  37. i have ipod nano but it does not restore, 50 times restore does not required, “iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode. you must restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes” , say every times , what can i do . please give me a solution quckly. PLEASE HELP ME.

  38. Hi, I’m facing the problem you have outlined in this post. I was looking to try out your solution however I don’t see my ipod in the ‘disk management’ list.


    P.S. Have an 2nd gen ipod touch.
    P.P.S. I realize this blog post is quite old and you might not be replying actively. However, would appreciate if you could help out.


  40. It doesnt say iPod Drive, it says Recovery :E. So i just changed it to Revovery 😀 And seeing what will happen when I try and restore it. Will that fix it?

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