Disable connect / as sysdba

How to disable “connect / as sysdba” ?

Do one of this step :
1. change your authentication
in you sqlnet.ora if on windows.

2. remove user from the dba group

note: consider using the Password file authentication method


2 Responses

  1. What if a user, other than the DBA, did back those changes?
    1. Change authentication
    in sqlnet.ora if on windows.
    2. Add user again to the dba group

    I am talking about no secure environment while the customer buy an application and shlud not conenct to the database directly, he can only connect to the database by useing the application. Is that possible? Thanks

  2. If an administrative users belongs to the “dba” group on Unix, or the “ORA_DBA” (ORA_sid_DBA) group on Windows, he/she can connect using
    “connect / as sysdba”

    So make sure user can’t add to the dba group

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