Add Y!M and Live M Online Status to Web Pages

Add Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger Online Status to Web Pages

Online status icon allows people who visit your web page to see if the you currently online using Yahoo! Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.

There are many places where you can insert your online presence. Some examples include:
– Your Homepage
– Your Weblog
– Your Online Journal
– Message Boards

You can get online status for Yahoo! Messenger at Add Presence, just type your Yahoo! ID then copy and paste the HTML text below it into your web document.

If a visitor of your web page clicks your online status, an instant message window will open for them so they can type you an instant message to contact online with you.

And to get HTML code for Live Messenger online status, you can get at page Live Messenger Settings. But first you must be login and then check list the option “Allow websites to see your Messenger status and send you messages”. Then you click link of “Create HTML” and choose the appropriate control you desire. Final step, copy the HTML and paste it into your webpage.

There is another service that provide service that lets you put a small image on a web page to show if you are online on AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN Messenger, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger.



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  2. “There is another service that provide service that lets you put a small image on a web page…”

    A link or something would indeed be nice

  3. Hello!,

  4. how to type chinese word in yahoo messenger status message? because after i type, it only show as “??????”

  5. you can use yahoo messenger version 9 to type chinese word in yahoo messenger status message.

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