Top 10 Heroes

Strongest Weakest
Treant Protector Geomancer
Ogre Magi Oblivion
Doom Bringer Holy Knight
Butcher Phantom Lancer
Tidehunter Nerubian Weaver
Stone Giant Tormented Soul
Ursa Warrior Slayer
Pandaren Brewmaster Lich
Skeleton King Shadow Shaman
Chaos Knight Bone Fletcher
Fastest (AS) Slowest (AS)
Soul Keeper Undying
Phantom Assassin Stone Giant
Bounty Hunter Doom Bringer
Morphling Enigma
Bone Fletcher Oblivion
Dwarven Sniper Warlock
Drow Ranger Tinker
Stealth Assassin Twin Head Dragon
Juggernaut Alchemist
Anti-Mage Dark Seer
Least Intelligent Most Intelligent
Phantom Assassin Oblivion
Troll Warlord Enigma
Alchemist Shadow Priest
Chaos Knight Lich
Night Stalker Slayer
Pandaren Brewmaster Shadow Shaman
Stealth Assassin Tormented Soul
Rogueknight Demon Witch
Juggernaut Death Prophet
Drow Ranger Prophet
Fastest (MS) Slowest (MS)
Chaos Knight Goblin Techies
Anti-Mage Shadow Shaman
Soul Keeper Crystal Maiden
Naga Siren Death Prophet
Moon Rider Stone Giant
Bounty Hunter Troll Warlord
Broodmother Morphling
Magnataur Necro’lic
Oblivion Butcher
Tidehunter Earthshaker

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