FRM-42017: Module name must be specified

Cause: You did not specify a module name.
Action: Specify a module name.

If this error message appear, you must check the specify module name exist.
If exist but error message still received then check that module name located in virtual path that registered on forms90.conf.

Look at line that like this,
# Virtual path for runform.htm (used to run a form for testing purposes)
AliasMatch ^/forms90/html/(..*) “D:\OraFRSHome/tools/web90/html/$1”

that add line for the path of module name, as an example,
AliasMatch ^/forms90/appl/(..*) “C:\APPL/$1”.

Also check address you type, if your url like this,\APPL\test.fmx”
then you get the same error message.

The correct url is “\APPL\test.fmx”. You miss the form parameter in url.


2 Responses

  1. Спасибо. Добавлено в закладки

    in english :
    Thank you. Added to your bookmarks

  2. Thanks, it is working after removing the extra link &Forms from the web link.

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