Redownload Lost Podcast Episodes (without resubscribe)

If you have accidentally deleted an episode of podcast show and want to download it again,
you can tell iTunes to update the podcast and get the lost episodes back.
You still have to re-download the lost episodes, but at least you didn’t have to re-subscribe to the whole podcast.

First, make sure that the podcast is collapsed (the small grey triangle next to the name of the podcast
is pointing to the right). If it is pointing down, click it to collapse the podcast.
Now, hold the Option key (the Shift key on Windows) and click the triangle again to expand the podcast and tell iTunes to get a list of all the episodes. You should now see the familiar orange circle with white arrows next to the name of the podcast, and iTunes will tell you it is updating this podcast in the message area at the top.


3 Responses

  1. What an excellent tip, I’ve been wondering about that for ages. Thanks

  2. Good grief! WHY the H— is this not in the iTunes documentation?!? Been looking for the last 45 minutes for this solution. Just proves that Google is more helpful than ANY “Help file”…!

  3. Wow, I could not find this anywhere in the iTunes help, or via Apple. Not that that says much, their business model is to keep us in the dark about how their stuff works. So this was quite a find, thank you so much PandaZen. You made my day.

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