Unable to verify the certificate – code will be treated as unsigned.

Jinitiator Security Warning
Unable to verify the certificate – code will be treated as unsigned.

If this error appear,
– check formsweb.cfg,

if it show up with this line,
WebUtilArchive=/forms90/java/frmwebutil.jar, /forms90/java/jacob.jar

then use this following command,
jarsigner.exe -verify -verbose d:\OraFRSHome\forms90\java\jacob.jar
jarsigner.exe -verify -verbose d:\OraFRSHome\forms90\java\frmwebutil.jar

jarsigner.exe is generally located in the \jdk\bin directory
– make sure that you have those file (jacob.jar, frmwebutil.jar)

– included path to default.env


5 Responses

  1. Hi Just wondering if the tip above was related to a Citrix environment?

    Also running the jarsigner command is done on the Forms Server?

    And the error message is then no longer received by the client using web forms?

  2. English, please?

  3. Hello,

    I am facing the same problem in Oracle Application 11.5.10.I have checked formsweb.cfg file on my machine but it didn’t contain WebUtilArchive=/forms90/java/frmwebutil.jar, /forms90/java/jacob.jar
    I am not sure how can I remove this error.

    Could you please guide me.


  4. Hi Vinay,
    i have this error when i want to use webutil, so i add .jar file to formsweb.cfg and then using jarsigner

    so, have you try assign your .jar file and then certificate it using jarsigner

  5. This error only occured in one client desktop with one user profile (OS user), so I am sure that there is nothing to do with setting on the server.

    Using different OS user doesn’t get this error. Also using same OS user with different Oracle user gave same error. There must be a file or setting related to that specific OS user profile.

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