Toad for Oracle keep prompting “No root element found in xml”

To fix this problem, do this step
– Quit from Toad
– Delete or rename the file desktops.xml (probably corrupt), located by default in C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\User Files.
– Open Toad (any custom desktop setting will lose)

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  1. From CHILE.

    Thanks for the post!!!!!!

    my inglish is realy bad, but a need give thanks!!!

  2. Thanks for the useful info…
    much appreciated.

    South Africa

  3. I was with same problem…
    This information was very usefull.
    Thank you very much!

    Jose Eduardo

  4. thanx a tonnn for this ..worked like a flash and i was all up and running again.

  5. thank u very much for your help

  6. Great! Thank you a lot.


  7. Wicked.. thanks saved me some time. 🙂

  8. yeah, thank you a bunch! :}

  9. Very helpfull information, Thanks a lot and the issue is resolved

  10. this post was fantastic, this issue has been bugging for days but i never had the to look into it ….



  11. awesome.. Thanks for the post. This was really bothering me.

  12. Hi,
    Many thanks
    It resolved the problem

  13. it did solve my problem
    but i would lyk to know what causes this to happen?

  14. It’s just awesome. It worked like magic.


  15. Hi,

    It resolved all my problems.
    Many thanks. Merciiiiii


  16. Thanks!

  17. Thanks, issue resolved. Excellent

  18. Excellent°!

    That’s really works°!

  19. Thanks alot for the info. The issue got resolved.

  20. this post is 2 years old, but it still really useful, thank you 😀

  21. thanks it helped solve the problem

  22. Thanks a lot friend

  23. Merci vraiment tu m’as sauvé

  24. Thank you for giving correct solution

  25. many thanks after 6year it’s ok

  26. Thanks a ton otherwise i would have reinstalled

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