How to change oracle report server name ?

for example, my report server was rep_appserver, then i want to rename it to rep_test.

Here some step to accomplish it,

1.   stop mid-tier
$ORACLE_HOME\opmn\bin\opmnctl stopall

2.   stop em website
$ORACLE_HOME\bin\emctl stop iasconsole

3.   rename $ORACLE_HOME\reports\conf\rep_<old_report_server_name>.conf to something else or delete it

4.   rename $ORACLE_HOME\reports\server\rep_<old_report_server_name>.dat to something else or delete it

5.   edit $ORACLE_HOME\reports\conf\ file then change the SERVER parameter to new report server name(remember this new name has to be a unique name)

6.   create a backup copy of the $ORACLE_HOME\sysman\emd\targets.xml file

7.   open $ORACLE_HOME\sysman\emd\targets.xml, find old report server name and then replace it to new report server name

8.   save new targets.xml file

9.   open $ORACLE_HOME\opmn\conf\opmn.xml, old report server name and then replace it to new report server name, if you can find it, try to search for opmn.xml in $ORACLE_HOME.

10. start em website
$ORACLE_HOME\bin\emctl start iasconsole

11. start mid-tier
$ORACLE_HOME\opmn\bin\opmnctl startall


30 Responses

  1. Very useful. Thanks for posting.

  2. thanks your log, it helped me changed report server name. there are two places that I am not sure in your log,
    step 4, is it server_name.dat instead?
    step 9, I coulld not find the file under the folder.
    my version of as 10g is on w2k
    but anyway, it works. thanks again


  3. thanks for David Wang, some correction needed in my post,

    step 4, it is .dat file, not .conf file, so
    rename $ORACLE_HOME\reports\server\rep_.dat to something else or delete it.

    step 9, search for opmn.xml then open it, find old report server name and then replace it with the new one.

  4. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  5. Hi
    I was wondering, if I can have multiple report servers on the same machine each with its own oc4j. If it is possible, can u help ?


  6. I mean how to configure multiple report server instances with its own oc4j.

  7. How to get the host name / IP Address and report server name in Forms 10g.
    I’m using oracle Application Server 10G

  8. hi,

    to configure multiple report server on the same machine with its own oc4j, you need to configure several ports that one of them uses to have non conflicting values


  9. to get hostname and ip address, look at your computer and network configuration.

    basically, your report server name is rep_. the name you can find in services that running on your computer

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  26. how to get the report server name and environment id in report

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