Year-End Closing and Opening the First Year

We have until the end of the year in 2008.

But we never see much forth from live coverage during the one this year?

We have much to be bright for the other?

Have we think the pattern becomes more simple and wise?

Have achieved all your wishes?

What will you fight in in the future?

until when we changed our dreams?

I realist! Take all the opportunities existing at this time,

do what’s delayed, while doing this.

When life is difficult to get more difficult.

End this year by close the old time sheet,

all things long, long close the wound, cover long memories ….

not only in close but let flow far … flying high above …

Opening the year with open hearts and open eyes,

open the door sorry,  open feeling, open sweet memories,

open with the spirit and changes in patterns of thought, open, with love and affection …

maintain happiness and peace ….

create sweet memories in the future

forget all the past

walk through what this can carriageable now …

rise our soul to become the most spirited

and useful for each other ..