Get flv from Firefox

When you watch youtube video in firefox and you want to get FLV file of that video, but you don’t know how to get it in easy way. No need to download youtube video from other websites.  You just have to find the file in cache folder of firefox Here is the step by step process.

1.  Watch full Youtube video in Firefox bowser.

2.  Don’t close the Firefox browser, watch till the end of video.

3. Locate the cache file at following folder  C:\Documents and Settings\ADMIN (your Admin login)\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles (one by one),

4. Click single folder there you will get folder “Cache”. click on it. You will find a lots of unknown type files in this folder.

5.  Sort the files based on Size, find the file that probably that you watch.

6.  The file is stil unknown type, so first, copy the file to another folder, such as on desktop

7.  Rename it with FLV extension, something like movie.flv.