Buddha statue crying in Bireuen-Aceh

Yesterday evening I received news from my girlfriend that in Bireuen, Aceh have crying buddha statue. I don’t believe it. Until today, April 8, 2009,the  chain SMS to tell this story still continue.

On morning of April 07, 2009 occurred an outstanding phenomenon, in a city Bireuen-Aceh in a Buddhist Vihara who has rupang since years the Vihara was established, suddenly from the Buddha’s Rupang come out some waters so that excited the community surrounding.  At first time, many people thought that the water was a drop of rain that fell to the head of the Buddha statue and stop at the eyelid. But the other statue near Buddha Sakyamuni statue was not have a single water.

Before there come any suspicious story about that, every one must remember to prove it by themself  or Ehipassiko (Sanskrit: Ehipaśyika “which you can come and see” — from the phrase ehi, paśya “come, see!”).

Don’t believe in a news, just because you have heard it.
Don’t believe in a tradition, just because it has been done through generations.
Don’t believe in something, just because it has been talked about and rumored by many people.
Don’t believe in something, just because it has been written in holy books.
Don’t believe in something, just because it has been taught by teachers or elders.

But after making observations and in depth analyses,
you found out that the issues being talked about are in accordance with good and useful reason,
then it is not disgraceful if the things are continued which will bring forth happiness,
that is why, it is proper that you will receive it and live according to the said principles.

(Anguttara Nikaya, Vol.I, 188 – 193)

Here are some photos of the statue is taken from the location of the incident:






You can view the video of Crying Buddha Statue here the link



2 Responses

  1. Terpujilah Para Buddha dan Para Suci, Semoga kita semua selalu diberkati dalam suka dan duka. Semog kita semua dijauhkan dari semua mara bahaya.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  2. Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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