Alexa Rank on WordPress

By default, Alexa site widgets are in javascript, meanwhile for most free wordpress user, javascripts are not allowed on widget.

So here the simple way to display Alexa rank,
1. go to
2. enter your site and click “Build Widget” button
3. select the image that you like and press CTRL+C on that image to the clipboard, if you are using firefox, right click on the image, click “Copy Image Location”
4. in your WordPress, goto widget page
5. add text widget and paste from clipboard (CTRL+V), like this one:

6. add some text to it, and modify your url, so the final script just like this
<a href=””&gt;
<img />

Facebook profile on WordPress

You can display your Facebook:
– profile pic
– name
– network
– email
– screen name
– birth day
– mobile number
– websites
– status updates
– recent pics by me
– upcoming events
– latest notes
– posts
on your WordPress using facebook badge

To make your facebook badge,
1. click “Profile” to see profile page
2. find “Create a Profile Badge” at bottom left corner of your profile page
3. click “Create Badge”
4. modify information that you want to display at your badge and save it after finish
5. copy the script to clipboard
6. in your WordPress , goto widget page
7. add text widget and paste the script to it and save
8. refresh your wordpress and have a nice day with your new Facebook badge on your WordPress

Reset ias_admin password

If you still remember what your last ias_admin password then to change it, you can use emct, eg:

emctl set password <old_password> <new_password>

or login to Oracle Enterprise Manager <version>- Application Server Control then click on Preferences on top right to open “Change Password” screen.

If you have forgot what the password then you must read this,

ias_admin password stored in XML file (JAZN-XML –  Java AuthoriZatioN).  First, backup the file, located in $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/j2ee/config/jazn-data.xml. Open and find





then update it to





or you can remove it and then run %ORACLE_HOME%\bin\emctl set password reset <new_password> , restart computer.

Note : Exclamation Mark in front of password means that password is stored in plain text, so the current password is “adminpass”

Reset Oracle Webcache Admin Password

To reset Oracle Webcache admin password, first we must find in the webcache.xml, find <USER TYPE=”MONITORING”

then replace PASSWORDHASH value with “B3ACA92C793EE0E9B1A9B0A5F5FC044E05140DF3”.

Restart webcache component and your current webcache admin password will be “administrator”

It been test for Webcache 9.0.2. and Webcache

Small fish and big fish

Small fish    : I often hear others talk about the fish of the sea.
But what is sea?
Big fish        : Sea around you.
Small fish    : Why I can not see it?
Big fish         : You live, move, and live in the sea.
Sea in and out of you.
Sea grant life and death at the time you return to where you came from.
Sea covers you as yourself.

Note             : Fishs living in rivers and lakes do not realize it.
Human life at Zen sea but do not know Zen fact.

If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

“If you meet the Buddha, kill him.” — Linji

If the Buddha is your leader, guide or idol and you think he as a savior who watches over your actions and pray for him to helps you with life then you must realize that all you think only in your imagination. We become quite satisfied with only worshiping because it easy and comfortable. The Buddha knew that worshipping him would never enlighten the practitioner. So try this,

The road mean to the path to Enlightenment, maybe study, practice, meditation; Your life is your “road.”

First, imagine you meet the Buddha. Then what about everybody can be Buddha, so imagine you meet the Buddha, and the Buddha is you. And now, what you have to do. Kill that imagination and keep study and practice. If you think that you have know about to be Enlightened than you need to out of that and keep learning. So the idea is not to kill the Buddha or his teachings, but to kill the tendency to worship him as our imagination