If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

“If you meet the Buddha, kill him.” — Linji

If the Buddha is your leader, guide or idol and you think he as a savior who watches over your actions and pray for him to helps you with life then you must realize that all you think only in your imagination. We become quite satisfied with only worshiping because it easy and comfortable. The Buddha knew that worshipping him would never enlighten the practitioner. So try this,

The road mean to the path to Enlightenment, maybe study, practice, meditation; Your life is your “road.”

First, imagine you meet the Buddha. Then what about everybody can be Buddha, so imagine you meet the Buddha, and the Buddha is you. And now, what you have to do. Kill that imagination and keep study and practice. If you think that you have know about to be Enlightened than you need to out of that and keep learning. So the idea is not to kill the Buddha or his teachings, but to kill the tendency to worship him as our imagination


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