Alexa Rank on WordPress

By default, Alexa site widgets are in javascript, meanwhile for most free wordpress user, javascripts are not allowed on widget.

So here the simple way to display Alexa rank,
1. go to
2. enter your site and click “Build Widget” button
3. select the image that you like and press CTRL+C on that image to the clipboard, if you are using firefox, right click on the image, click “Copy Image Location”
4. in your WordPress, goto widget page
5. add text widget and paste from clipboard (CTRL+V), like this one:

6. add some text to it, and modify your url, so the final script just like this
<a href=””&gt;
<img />


4 Responses

  1. sudah saya coba kok ga bisa ya…

  2. thanks for the details. but thats picture not updating when changing the rank. is it?


    • so far that picture always update follows alexa rank

      • ya. got it right. thanks. you i can indicate my rank without java script. coz of u.

        from D ZONE

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