Nokia 5800 Software

I bought Nokia 5800 XM for Rp. 3.435.000,- (USD 338,4) on August 21, 2009.

I am a bit disappointed because i got some stuff not included on my nokia 5800 package. Is this the new package for new Nokia 5800 that do not included
– one backup stylus
– kickstand
– slip case
– TV-Out cable ? Hmm….. how unfortunate i am.

But it’s time for me to hunt software application to have fun with this tube.

Some useful Nokia Tips and Tricks

1. Opera Mini
2. Nimbuzz
3. Google Maps Go to this link directly from your mobile phone.
I had try it but there is a problem. For there further information, keep looking some fix from

Google Mobile Help

4. Mobile Paint
5. Handwriting Calculator
6. Y-Browser (File Manager)
7. ..

Here some list link to another stuff for Nokia 5800 XM (Tube 5800)

Applications from Nokia

S60 5th Edition Freeware Downloads for Nokia 5800


5 Responses

  1. You missed really good one

  2. мило ждем еще…

  3. Да, Именно так и было!:))

  4. “Спасибо за такой пост”

  5. буду иметь ввиду

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