VBSmart Menu XP in Windows Vista

I use VBSmart Menu XP (SmartMenuXP.dll and SmartMenuXP.ocx) in Windows 98 and XP for a long time. Now, I switched to Windows Vista Business Edition. It comes the problem, every time I click menu VBSmart Menu XP, the program hangs.

After trying to find many solution, at last, I try to change themes from “Windows Vista” to “Windows Classic”,then VBSmart was no problem anymore.

In fact, this solution is sufficient, but it was jammed, when to use my program, i have to change the theme again.

Then I tried to restore the theme to “Windows Vista”, then I try to change the visual effects settings in

Control Panel \ System and Maintenance \ System

then select “Advanced system settings”
in the frame “Performance” , click the button “Settings”,
then disable the option “Enable desktop composition”.