Moscow Boss Job URLs

Here is a list of URLs that will initiate the Call for Help for Boss Fight just as it would if button was not locked.

Episode 1
Title: Matyoryj Baklan
Loot Item: Barsuk SUV / Vehicle – 36 Attack, 52 Defense

Episode 2
Title: Matyoryj Boets
Loot Item: Boss Karpov’s Pistol / Weapon – 50 Attack, 38 Defense

Episode 3
Title: Matyoryj Brigadir
Loot Item: Ex-KGB Bodyguard / Armor – 48 Attack, 30 Defense

Episode 4
Title: Matyoryj Avtoritet
Loot Item: Cossack Armored Vest / Armor – 18 Attack, 48 Defense

Episode 5
Title: Matyoryj Vor
Loot Item: ZPR Pulemut / Weapon – 28 Attack, 65 Defense

Episode 6
Title: Matyoryj Pahkan
Loot Item: The Drakon / Vehicle – 54 Attack, 22 Defense


One Response

  1. The Boss unlock links are not working for me. I go to Moscow and make sure that I’m on the episode that I need unlocked — then hit your link from another tab. Is that the proper way to use it? Thanks

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