Oracle Database Status Unavailable – emca

When i try to login to Oracle Enterprise Manager, i got this message
The database status is currently unavailable. It is possible that the database is in mount or nomount state. Click ‘Startup’ to obtain the current status and open the database. If the database cannot be opened, click ‘Perform Recovery’ to perform an appropriate recovery operation.

Then the options are button to Startup and Perform Recovery. When i click Startup then i have to input the OS user name and password to login to target database machine and the credentials for the target database.

Then got this error, SQLException
ORA-28000: the account is locked

I have try to use emca, but after I input some parameter to run, finally i stuck again with this message,
SEVERE: Repository already exists. Fix the error(s) and run EM Configuration As
sistant again in standalone mode.
Could not complete the configuration. Refer to the log file for details

After read emca help, then i try to use emca -r to skip creation of repository schema then at last I got Oracle EM run without no error


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