Different between download Binary and Source Code

I wonder what different between download Binary and Source, so after searching, here some diffs:

  • Source code is the set of instructions the programmer writes; it’s not in executable form until it’s compiled/linked into a binary or until it’s parsed by an interpreter. (There’s another possibility called “bytecode” which is a preparsed form that speeds up interpretation.)
  • Source code
    When you compile your source packages they are tailored much more to the system, and thus will give better performance, as it is more optimized for your system. It is also generaly smaller and doesn’t take up as much room on the hrd drive or your bandwidth.
    They can take a long time to compile all of the program. Also the dependancy issues can be slightly mor difficult to desipher.
  • Binary
    They are usually quick and easy to install, and some can resolve dependacy issues for you.
    They are big files, and take up more space. They are usually enabled with all the options on the install, and thus the file isn’t as well tailored for your system, andit will run slower (this is one of the reasons why source based distro’s like gentoo are so fast).

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