Pentaho – Steel Wheels – Analysis – Market Analysis By Year Error

When I click Market Analysis By Year on Steel Wheels | Analysis, I got this error message :

Error Occurred While getting Resultset
An error occurred while rendering Pivot.jsp. Please see the log for details.

So the solution I found :
1. use “Pentaho Schema Workbench”
2. open “steelwheels.mondrian.xml” on “D:\pentaho\pentaho-solutions\steel-wheels\analysis”
3. fix all invalid error messages, like : “Schema must be set, Table DIM_TIME is invalid, Hierarchy is invalid, Table ORDERFACT is invalid, Cube SteelWheelsSales is invalid”
4. publish to
url = http://localhost:8123/pentaho/
location = /steel-wheels/analysis
name = analysis_customers.analysisview.xaction

Then I click again the link, it’s work now, so the “Product Line Analysis”

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  1. would you mind adding some more details on what you did in 3. ?

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