Cannot Compile Oracle Function ORA-04021

I was get this error when I alter and compile one function

ORA-04021: timeout occurred while waiting to lock object

First try, I use this query to find what cause this error

SELECT p.spid “Thread”,
s.sid “SID-Top Sessions”,
SUBSTR (s.osuser, 1, 15) “OS User”,
SUBSTR (s.program, 1, 25) “Program Running”,
FROM v$process p, v$session s
WHERE p.addr = s.paddr
ORDER BY SUBSTR (s.osuser, 1, 15)

Then I use

SELECT * FROM v$access where object = ‘[function_name]’

, the query took lonq execution. So, I use the simple query

SELECT * FROM v$access

then I find and now I can see who is locking the function. Just kill the user and I can compile the function again

alter function [function_name] compile;


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