Tranparent Pentaho Dialog in Pentaho Administration Console

I am glad to know that the latest edition Pentaho BI Server – Community Edition today, 3.9.0, have a new visual interface (check and download the latest Pentaho BI server from

Here the screenshot on Pentaho User Console (PUC), pentaho bi server 3.9

But Pentaho Administration Console (PAC) not updated, even now pentaho dialog box display transparently when I adding new database connection, pandazen-pentaho pac

I try to do some experiments (ie. check the html code in the PAC) to outsmart the above problem,

  1. add 1 line css style

    .pentaho-dialog { background-color: #00ccff;}

    to PentahoAdminConsole.html

    the result,

  2. use Onyx style,
    1. copy folder “onyx” from “pentaho-solutions\system\common-ui\resources\themes\onyx” to “administration-console\www\org.pentaho.pac.PentahoAdminConsole”
    2. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”onyx/globalOnyx.css” type=”text/css”>

the result,