QR Code = 2D Barcode

This is my first QR Code for https://pandazen.wordpress.com:

Unlike barcode which only one side that contains data, the QR Code has two sides that contain data, and this makes the QR Code (QR=Quick Response) contains more information than barcode. qrcode vs barcode
qrcode overview

QR Code for example, can hold information such as the URL of a website which can be used in newspapers, magazines, advertisements, or other media, so that when a camera and mobile phone users have QR Code readers can instantly scan and go to the website in question without the need to type address.

– Business cards could instantly add contact information to a person’s phone book
– Websites can be accessed without any typing required
– Maps to and from any given location can be instantly accessed
– Simplify the process of ordering a product from a catalogue or menu
– Completely personalized URL’s (try my qrcode above )

qrcode billboardpepsi qrcodegreatdinoroar.com

For more information about QR Code can be read in wikipedia (dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klik di sini) and from Denso-Wave website (this is where the creation of QR Code in 1994).

If you want to try create your QR Code, these are some QR Code generator that can be used :

  1. via website,
  2. via firefox add-ons, Mobile Barcoder, QRLink Maker, SnapMaze Firefox Extension
  3. via Google Chart API

To read QR Code from a mobile phone, you need some software, here the list :

Personally, I use the UpCode from Nokia Ovi Store for my Nokia 5800 XM.

I found a video that might be a threat to the use of barcodes. Please enjoy presentation from Dr Mohan, the MIT Media Lab Camera Culture Group. It called Bokode.