the quick red fox jumps over the pink rabbit

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” is an English-language pangram (a phrase that contains all of the letters of the alphabet). It has been used to test typewriters and computer keyboards, and in other applications involving all of the letters in the English alphabet. Due to its shortness and coherence, it has become widely known and is often used in visual arts.(wiki)

However, now, in PandaZen’s QR Code sneak “the quick red fox jumps over the pink rabbit”

red fox jump over pink rabbit

the quick red fox jumps over the pink rabbit

Color QRCode & Movie QRCode

QR Code has evolved into Color QR Code and also Movie QR Code. Here my first Color QR Code,

pandazen color qr code

As long as the code contrast can still be detected by the reader, you can customize the color combination. For some improvement of color QR Code, there is Style QR Code.

And here Louis Vuitton Styled Custom QR Code (to website,Louis Vuitton QR Code

And this is a funny commercial video containing Movie QRCode that has been in youtube since 2007.

The video’s title “カンフー女子高生”  (Kanfuu Joshi-kousei / Kung Fu School Girl). The film begins with two high school girls talking about the famous manga character, Black Jack. They turn fighting each other when the girls disagree about whether Black Jack is a foreigner or Japanese. A lot of  kung fu fighting between the girls and then a boy riding bycycle and wearing a giant QR code headpiece arrives and urges the girls to stop fighting. The boy ask the girls to scan the QR Code on his face to find the answer to their question and settle their dispute.

After scan the movie QR code, it got this URL to where there is a link to another video that contains the answer. For some reason, the Pink Tentacle keitai is having problems downloading that video, so we may never know the truth. Is Black Jack Japanese? Or a foreigner?