Unable to verify the certificate – code will be treated as unsigned.

Jinitiator Security Warning
Unable to verify the certificate – code will be treated as unsigned.

If this error appear,
– check formsweb.cfg,

if it show up with this line,
WebUtilArchive=/forms90/java/frmwebutil.jar, /forms90/java/jacob.jar

then use this following command,
jarsigner.exe -verify -verbose d:\OraFRSHome\forms90\java\jacob.jar
jarsigner.exe -verify -verbose d:\OraFRSHome\forms90\java\frmwebutil.jar

jarsigner.exe is generally located in the \jdk\bin directory
– make sure that you have those file (jacob.jar, frmwebutil.jar)

– included path to default.env


java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.forms.engine.Main

Oracle Application Server 10g has a form service to run a form on the web,
Start -> Programs ->Oracle Application Server 10g -> Forms Services -> Run a form on the web for form=test.fmx

If the applet is not display correctly and receive the error:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.forms.engine.Main

you should check if JInitiator already installed.

If already installed, then check in
Control Panel -> JInitiator administration console , the option “Use browser settings” and “use proxies” has to be unchecked.