Moscow Boss Job URLs

Here is a list of URLs that will initiate the Call for Help for Boss Fight just as it would if button was not locked.

Episode 1
Title: Matyoryj Baklan
Loot Item: Barsuk SUV / Vehicle – 36 Attack, 52 Defense

Episode 2
Title: Matyoryj Boets
Loot Item: Boss Karpov’s Pistol / Weapon – 50 Attack, 38 Defense

Episode 3
Title: Matyoryj Brigadir
Loot Item: Ex-KGB Bodyguard / Armor – 48 Attack, 30 Defense

Episode 4
Title: Matyoryj Avtoritet
Loot Item: Cossack Armored Vest / Armor – 18 Attack, 48 Defense

Episode 5
Title: Matyoryj Vor
Loot Item: ZPR Pulemut / Weapon – 28 Attack, 65 Defense

Episode 6
Title: Matyoryj Pahkan
Loot Item: The Drakon / Vehicle – 54 Attack, 22 Defense

Mafia Wars Profile Point

Profile points are the points you get when you level up or master jobs. Perhaps, all of us have doubts which one do I need to increase the Mafia Wars profile points.

  • Profile points put into energy come directly back to you in experience points, in anywhere from a 1:1 to 2:1 ratio (experience per energy expenditure), depending on the job.
  • Profile points put into stamina come back to you in an average of about 2:1. In addition, to win fights you’ll need to throw profile points not just into stamina, but also into attack and defense.
  • So to continue to get the most experience out of each profile point, concentrate on using them to do more jobs (energy) vs. becoming better at fighting (stamina, attack, and defense).
  • Don’t bother to ever put profile points into health. Health only prolongs how long you can fight without visiting the doctor, but ongoing you’ll be making so much money that you’ll be able to afford the doctor as much as you’d like without issue.

For now, my focus is on attack, defense and energy. I increased personal attack and defense only enough to win most fights at each level up until now.

Energy is a personal choice. If you enjoy leveling up quickly, you’ll need the energy. If you are patient, and okay waiting for your energy pack and leveling up once a day, more stamina to you for the fighter type.