Netbeans 7 – “Cannot locate java installation in specified jdkhome:”

I’ve installed previous versions of jdk1.6.0_17, and then after installing netbeans 7, I upgrade jdk to version jdk1.6.0_25.

Now, everytime I start Netbeans, it always show me this message :

Cannot locate java installation in specified jdkhome:
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_17
Do you want to try to use default version?

If I click “Yes”, the next time Netbeans started, the same message appear.


So to remove this, I change “netbeans.conf” in “C:\Program Files\NetBeans 7.0\etc”.

Change “netbeans_jdkhome” like this :

netbeans_jdkhome=”C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_25″

then your Netbeans run as normal. ^_^

Open Netbeans with Two Instances / Windows Simultaneously

I need to open two projects, so I can learn from demo project and to develop my new project. But when I click Netbeans shortcut for the second times, Netbeans not display as another instance/window. To overcome this,
1. Click Netbeans menu, “Help” | “About”, look for “Userdir” parameter to see user directory.
2. Create another user directory.
3. Copy the first Netbeans shorcut and paste it as second Netbeans shortcut.
4. Right click the second Netbeans shortcut, choose “Properties”.
5. See the field “Target”, the value of mine like this “C:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.7.1\bin\netbeans.exe”
6. Add Netbeans command line switch “–userdir “, so the value of “Target” field become like this "C:\Program Files\NetBeans 6.7.1\bin\netbeans.exe" --userdir C:\Users\wi\.netbeans\second

How to Stop Netbeans: Transferring repository index

When i start Netbeans 6.7.1, i had a very slow to start using it. I see at status bar, that Netbeans is Transferring repository index : repository. This condition start when i accidentally click Maven Repository Browser.

So, to stop Netbeans transferring repository index when i start up, go to “Tools | Options | Miscellaneous | Maven”, find “Index Update Frequency” and then adjust how often it should be updated.

Access to Tomcat server has not been authorized

For the first time, when I try to deploy a project using Netbeans, i got this message,


Deployment error:
Access to Tomcat server has not been authorized. Set the correct username and password with the “manager” role in the Tomcat customizer in the Server Manager.
See the server log for details.
After I googling, the solution,
– edit the content of C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache Tomcat 6.0.18\conf\tomcat-users.xml file.
-make sure you have role = manager and user that have manager role, like this
<role rolename=”manager”/>
<role rolename=”standard”/>
<user username=”admin” password=”pwd” roles=”standard,manager”/>
-save the file and restart Tomcat server


Netbeans – No Compatible JDK Found

When I install Netbeans 6.7.1, i got message “No Compatible JDK Found”. So I cancel, and try to download JDK.

I have a little confuse, why I choose Java-Netbeans IDE Download Bundles, the bundle have no JDK. So whatever, i googling “download jdk”, then I found Java SE Downloads and I choose Java SE Development Kit (JDK).

Now, after I install JDK, there is no message when I install Netbeans.