How to change oracle report server name ?

for example, my report server was rep_appserver, then i want to rename it to rep_test.

Here some step to accomplish it,

1.   stop mid-tier
$ORACLE_HOME\opmn\bin\opmnctl stopall

2.   stop em website
$ORACLE_HOME\bin\emctl stop iasconsole

3.   rename $ORACLE_HOME\reports\conf\rep_<old_report_server_name>.conf to something else or delete it

4.   rename $ORACLE_HOME\reports\server\rep_<old_report_server_name>.dat to something else or delete it

5.   edit $ORACLE_HOME\reports\conf\ file then change the SERVER parameter to new report server name(remember this new name has to be a unique name)

6.   create a backup copy of the $ORACLE_HOME\sysman\emd\targets.xml file

7.   open $ORACLE_HOME\sysman\emd\targets.xml, find old report server name and then replace it to new report server name

8.   save new targets.xml file

9.   open $ORACLE_HOME\opmn\conf\opmn.xml, old report server name and then replace it to new report server name, if you can find it, try to search for opmn.xml in $ORACLE_HOME.

10. start em website
$ORACLE_HOME\bin\emctl start iasconsole

11. start mid-tier
$ORACLE_HOME\opmn\bin\opmnctl startall

REP-56040: Server rep_ already exists in the network.

If this message occured, than you probably have a reports server by the same name running on your subnet.
Use a different name for your oracle report server.

Oracle Report Server could not start

I’m not able to start the report server, then i took the following steps in command line,
“rwserver -install rep_server_name”

But when i start the service i got no error message, the status was Started, but when i refresh it had stopped.
I look the smart agent icon disappears when i move the mouse over it.

I have try to restart computer, but it still could not start.
Then i try to use this command,
“rwserver server=rep_server_name”

It come with messages that report server is starting up and then i click the shutting down button.

I start the report service again, then user can print report again.