Reset Admin Password in Prestashop

I’ve lost the password for my localhost install, and I didn’t have a SMTP server available. So, I can’t recover my lost password.
After some googling, I found a solution that I post in here,

  1. Open the (located in config folder)
  2. Copy the _COOKIE_KEY_ value
  3. Use SQL tool (PHPMyAdmin or Toad for MySQL)
  4. In SQL editor, paste this code

    UPDATE ps_employee SET passwd=md5(“newpassword”) WHERE email=”your email login”

    my new password = pshop
    then the SQL :

    UPDATE ps_employee
    SET passwd = md5(”
    WHERE email = “”;

  5. Replace with the string you copy (step 2)
  6. Execute the SQL
  7. Login back to your Prestashop admin

Hope it helps someone saving some time

Reset ias_admin password

If you still remember what your last ias_admin password then to change it, you can use emct, eg:

emctl set password <old_password> <new_password>

or login to Oracle Enterprise Manager <version>- Application Server Control then click on Preferences on top right to open “Change Password” screen.

If you have forgot what the password then you must read this,

ias_admin password stored in XML file (JAZN-XML –  Java AuthoriZatioN).  First, backup the file, located in $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/j2ee/config/jazn-data.xml. Open and find





then update it to





or you can remove it and then run %ORACLE_HOME%\bin\emctl set password reset <new_password> , restart computer.

Note : Exclamation Mark in front of password means that password is stored in plain text, so the current password is “adminpass”