VB6 Application Cannot Access to Mapped Drives

Problem : User open window dialog to pick a file on mapped drive, but the user cannot browse to the drive.

Solution : configure the EnableLinkedConnections registry value

Disable Automatic Hidden Shares

I don’t know the reason, why Windows always automatically create hidden shares to the local disk drives and some user’s folders. The shares are normally accessed via \\\c$ and \\\d$ depending on the drive letter.

To disable this condition,
1. open registry editor, Start | Run, type regedit and press Enter.
2. find key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\
3. Create a new DWORD value for ‘AutoShareWks’ and ‘AutoShareServer’. Set the value to equal ‘0’. If the values already exist then modify them to equal ‘0’.
4. restart the computer.

How to Faster Windows Vista Copy File Without Long Calculating Time

I experience poor slow copy file performance over the network in Windows Vista. After i googling, i found that “Remote Differential Compression” may cause of that.

Remote Differential Compression is a Windows feature introduced in Windows Server 2003 and is available on all later versions of Windows. This Windows feature is enabled by default in Windows Vista.

Remote Differential Compression (RDC) allows data to be synchronized with a remote source using compression techniques to minimize the amount of data sent across the network. RDC is different from patching-oriented differencing mechanisms, such as Binary Delta Compression (BDC), that are designed to operate only on known versions of a single file. BDC requires the server to have copies of all versions of the file, and differences between each pair of versions are precomputed so that they can be distributed efficiently from a server to multiple clients.

So to fasten, try follow this steps,

First, turn off “Remote Differential Compression”, go to Control Panel | Turn Windows features on or off, then find and uncheck “Remote Differential Compression”.

Next step, open a command prompt and type,

netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

Final step, restart computer

error 2114: The Server service is not started

Suddenly, my share folder didn’t share files so I go to:
Computer Management > Shared folders > Shares , but i receive this error message:

The following error occurred while reading the
list of shares for Windows clients:
Error 2114: The Server service is not started.

To fix it, try start  go to Administrative Tools > Services > Server, then click Start Service to start it.