FRM-41838: Unable to open temporary record buffer file %s.

Today, I got this error message when execute query in form applet

FRM-41838 Unable to open temporary record buffer file
ORA-01403: no data found

The result of my search about this message explain this,

FRM-41838: Unable to open temporary record buffer file %s.
Cause : Unable to open file used as temporary record buffer.
Action: Verify that the file system or directory in which the file resides exists and that you have permissions to read and write to it.

The solution that maybe help,

The problem i found in opmn.xml.
So, search <variable id=”TMP” value=”C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\1″/>
there is a reference to temp directory which doesn’t exists, edit the value to a valid directory.

[- -]

FRM-40010: Cannot read form xxx.fmx

Cause: One of the following:
1. You entered a nonexistent form name.
2. You typed an incomplete path or path does not exists
3. You do not have the proper privileges to run the form.
4. You do not have a compiled copy of the form.

Action: Retype the form name correctly, provide the proper path name, compile the form, or contact the DBA.

Note: try add the path of your fmx files to FORM90_PATH in your Registry or add the path of xxx.fmx directory to the default.env.

FRM-42017: Module name must be specified

Cause: You did not specify a module name.
Action: Specify a module name.

If this error message appear, you must check the specify module name exist.
If exist but error message still received then check that module name located in virtual path that registered on forms90.conf.

Look at line that like this,
# Virtual path for runform.htm (used to run a form for testing purposes)
AliasMatch ^/forms90/html/(..*) “D:\OraFRSHome/tools/web90/html/$1”

that add line for the path of module name, as an example,
AliasMatch ^/forms90/appl/(..*) “C:\APPL/$1”.

Also check address you type, if your url like this,\APPL\test.fmx”
then you get the same error message.

The correct url is “\APPL\test.fmx”. You miss the form parameter in url.

Unable to allocate record buffer

FRM-40900: Unable to allocate record buffer. Clear form to continue.

Cause: Failed attempt to allocate memory for a fetched or new record. The remaining records that are queried are temporarily buffered on disk. This is an indication that no more temporary files can be written to the disk.

Action: Clear form and then attempt to continue. You may have to exit the form and then re-open. Also, make sure there is enough disk space and that you have write privileges to the disk drive and directory.


Exit that form and try delete your temporary file then try open the same form.