REP-0118: Unable to create a temporary file

Almost the same problem i have found when execute query using form applet when i got this message FRM-41838: Unable to open temporary record buffer file %s.  And then i got this message when i run report. Here the message,

REP-0118 Unable to create a temporary file

The solution i found that maybe help for anyone who face the same problem,

– Check user variables
TEMP and TMP refers to directory that exists, if not exists then you must edit the value

– check free space on the disk, it must be enough space to create temporary file

– delete file in temporary directory, maybe, it cannot be modified because read only or already exists

– check registry setting using REGEDIT, locate variable REPORTS_TMP underkey hkey_local_machine/software/oracle/<oracle home>
make sure the value of the variable refers to exist directory

REP-56040: Server rep_ already exists in the network.

If this message occured, than you probably have a reports server by the same name running on your subnet.
Use a different name for your oracle report server.

REP-1314: Format Trigger ‘xxx’ references column ‘yyy’ at a wrong frequency’

I have 2 queries in report builder
Q1 as header
Q2 as detail

I want to show description column with the condition below,
When Q1 has detail in Q2, then my report will display Q2 description.
If Q1 has no detail in Q2 then it display Q1 description.

When i try modify the field and run report, i get
REP-1314: ‘Format Trigger ‘F_DESCRIPTION’ references column ‘REMARKS’ at a wrong frequency’

so i take this action to solve the problem:
I use summary column (CS_1) at Q1 that count Q2 records. Then then the trigger should be,

IF :CS_1 > 0 THEN

Voila ^_^